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Chica en granja de pollos

about us

Manos de niños sujetando logitpo de la empresa y cerdito de perfil mirándolo
About our company


INDTECH GANADERA S.L. was born in 2015 as a familiar company, wich distribute health and nutrition animal products. We evolved wuickly to become a national distributor.

We are a young and entrepreneurial company with a different philosophy:

the newest and specialized products for our livestock.

Dedicated to complementary feed and new therapeutic products  distribution in swine and poultry.

Quality products

All our prodcuts are maximum quality and with especifical applicationwith proven efficiency. We have products for veterinarian service and for the farmer to help livestock grow health, keeping performance, always following our philoshophy of "desmedicalitation" as much as we can.

We beleive taht and adecuate nutrition is esential to prevent diseases.

Mano con guante sujetando pienso granulado para porcino
Padre e hijo en granja de pollos
Improving with you

Our secret is close and kind treatment of our personal, wich are in continuos formation to provide the innovations in livestock sector through a specialized service.

Our target is to evolve and improve day by day.

We know the diversity of every animal species and we provide an individualized solution for every problem may appear in the farm.

We set the starndard for livestock solutions in swine and poultry.

We offer a complete service in animal nutrition and health in all the national territory.

Ask  to us!

Welcome to our web. Here you will find information about us and our company.

For further information you can contact us with our team.

We will glad to help you!

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